Bodacious Blog Award


Great start for year 2008, a blog award! It’s BODACIOUS BLOG Award that is, from sexy and smart Maru. Never expected another blog award but yet and still it’s proven that I am still freakin’ hot. OA ata. Ok, di ko inexpect ito pero at least napatunayan ko na may asim pa pala ako. Niyahaha! Ok kidding aside, thanks Mareng Maru for the definition of bodacious because di ko rin alam ang meaning nito.

Bodacious can mean: (source: Wikipedia)

  • A full-figured female body shape, also known as a voluptuous or Rubenesque figure
  • Extremely cool, most excellent, “that is bodacious!”
  • Very good looking, attractive, “hot” appealing to the eye
  • Comes from the mix of the words bold and outrageous

Of course, here in WPP, andami naming mga bodacious! Name it, the list will just go on and on. So here I pass this award to super sexy and pretty Katherine Burden.