Confessions Of A Hotelier

You know when you’ve worked in a hotel when…

  1. Getting up at 4am on Sunday is a standard practice
  2. You can’t swtich on anything electrical without a credit card sized plastic
  3. Getting 2 days off in a row is like having a 2-week vacation!
  4. Uses abbreviation and acronyms for EVERYTHING, like DM, GM, CRM, C&E, F&B, HR, FOM and alot more, you name it!
  5. Your stomach, now used to eating staff cafeteria food, is capable fo swallowing ANYTHING! I mean anything! (it’s ok, it’s an advantage. wink* lols)
  6. Your day somehow doesn’t seem complete without someone yelling at you in full view of the rest of the hotel, convinced that they are right about everything, when actually they are so WRONG
  7. People assume you know the answer to everything, when actually you just came on shift 5 minutes ago, tsk
  8. You’re supposed to finish work at 3pm, but it’s 4:30 and you’re still here!
  9. Your bank is NEVER balanced
  10. You learn VERY QUICKLY to never EVER f**k with the person who handles your food! (kung hindi kulang na lang tae kakainin mo)
  11. Back to back, double and split shifts are the norm
  12. Minibars are NOT REFRIDGERATORS!
  13. Minibars are auto charging and weight sensitive!
  14. At least one guest will complain about the fact that their debit card has a mysterious charge on it which takes 8 days to clear. But of course we did ask for a CREDIT CARD on check-in!
  15. No matter how hard you try to explain that the room type was REQUESTED, NOT GUARANTEED, the guest always expects to get a non-smoking, king-sized bed with a view!
  16. See number 10 but replace food with laundry!
  17. Guests insists on splitting the bill so that the “movies” they ordered are not on the same credit card
  18. Your social life revolves entirely around work nights out, since that’s the only guaranteed time off you get to go out and get wasted!

Have a good weekend guys!  And YES, I am having a two days off and I am soooo going out tomorrow!  Will be out under the sun on a sandy beachy beach with bunch of friends (lols hoteliers too!). 

However, to break the ice of boring canteen food, I am cooking something that me and my colleagues are looking forward to have for breakfast tomorrow on the beach.  Hmm, simple but we missed sinangag na kanin (bawang lang, plain and simple but classic), tortang talong at tortang corned beef (specialty ko to haha!), sunny side up eggs (medium cooked so the eggyolks would drip down the sinangag, yumyum!) and of course my ever favourite tender juicy purefoods hotdogs! 😆

For lunch, my friend is bringing lechon kawali and pork menudo.  Ang sarap kahit nasa malayong lugar, pinoy style pa rin and da best!

Aighty friends, hope I could get some nice photos tomorrow to share! Wish me luck sa cooking haha! (not really so confident but who cares lols)


Oh by the way, yang samurai na nakatutok sa ulo nya at balak kong putulin?  Lambingan lang namin yan. hihi..


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