Hinay-hinay Lang Po

Hays, i love life! Lols. Life na mahirap, life na unpredictable, life that is challenging!

Still nasa stage pa kaming magkakapatid na naghihintay ng “maging” kapalaran ni bro frans. So far things are turning out positively coz his employment visa is soon going to be processed. He can make decisions now on his own, and of course with our guidance. In few days time, hopefully, we will have the final answer.

Two days back, mom called me with tears in her eyes telling me that she might undergo surgery because of her swelling ovary. She is bleeding for one week now, I don’t know how to explain this but I just hope she will be ok. My father suggested to get the second opinion of another ob, and if they have the same results and findings, Sunday or Monday will be the right time for her to be admitted to the hospital. I pray for you mom, do not shed tears, that is not what we need, we need you to be strong! We can make it! God is with us.

The night after my mom called, when I reach home, in my room, I cried and cried until I got tired, put myself to sleep eventually. I woke up with my eyes so sore and red. I felt so sick, feeling like throwing up and my stomach is acting up so terribly. From that time until the following day, my gastro enteritis is attacking me again. Yesterday evening it forced me to bring myself to the nearest hospital for it had weakened me. The doctor gave me 4 medicines to take for 5 days. So far, I am on a soft diet, meaning, lugaw, skyflakes, lugaw and lugaw and lots of liquid!

I will be facing a new challenge at work, but my boss is leaving soon. I am just thinking who will support me with the new task? Mahirap. Mahirap pag nasa environment ka ng di mo kilala kung sino ang totoong tao. Pagnasa isang sitwasyon ka na gusto mong matuto pero walang tutulong sayo. Self learning, yes I can, pero ang mali dito, pagmay mali ka, it will be a big deal. Pagmay nagawa kang outstanding, everyone is blind! Nice di ba? Kaya good luck to me..

Thinking of my situation, I cannot help but think of my family. When will this battle end? I am sure it won’t. But I told God, “hinay-hinay lang po, isa-isa lang, kakayanin ko naman lahat ito, wag lang sabay-sabay. at wag lang akong magkasakit…”


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  1. linglingbells
    Apr 25, 2008 @ 18:35:45

    mahirap nga yang sabay-sabay.. pagppray ko ang mom mo.. 🙂

    thanks sis! isa kayo sa pampalakas ko ng loob!


  2. rhapsody
    Apr 29, 2008 @ 19:30:58

    teary-eyed ako sa pagbabasa nung part about ur mom… super emotional tlga ko pagpasensyahan na… it happened to my mom before, she was bleeding, but i cant clearly remember most of it. i just knew that she went for a checkup and they said she needs to undergo a surgery.. i can see in her eyes she’s scared but trying not to show her tears…

    she tried to get a second opinion and thank God tlga kasi parang nagkamli yata ung isang tumingin, she was advised to take some tablets… hanggang jan lang naalala ko.. but she is well and okey until now.. that time mejo immature pa ako nun.. all i care about is school, friends, go out, shopping…. ngayon lang yata ako nagmature hehehe… kaya di ko tlga alam uing details.

    pinaiyak mo rin ako. 😦
    sana magaling na rin yung mom mo at mom ko rin. labyu.


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