Mommy Survey

Di pa ako nakakabot magbasa ng hanggang last sentence naisip ko na naigrab itong survey sa blog ni Maru na nai-grab din sa blog ni Girlie. Hehe.. kase it reminds me of my most unforgettable experience in the whole wide world lol. Sakit kaya manganak!

Mommy Survey

Was your first pregnancy planned?
No, I was enjoying “it” that time lol.
Were you married at the time?
What were your reactions?
Terrified but my boyfriend was supportive (dapat lang!)
Was abortion an option for you?
How old were you?
How did you find out you were pregnant?
No monthly period (and my mama knew that it skipped, but I told her “mama it will come, maybe next week…” lol.) but it never came for the next 9 months 😆

Who did you tell first?
My boyfriend
Did you want to find out the sex?
Due date?
November 25, 1996
Did you have morning sickness?
Slighty, but never had difficulty with it.
What did you crave?
Freshly sliced pineapple dipped in rock salt and coke full of crushed ice. I having both of them together by the time I wake up. It was like month of June or July so it was basically raining in the Philippines, eventhough, everytime i get to drink something it should be with crushed ice kahit coffee kahit bumabagyo lol.
Who/what irritated you the most?
Init ng panahon. I even cut my hair until one inch length.
What was your first child’s sex?
Did you wish you had the opposite sex of what you were getting?
No, i like girl.
How many pounds did you gain throughout the pregnancy?
Can’t remember, matagal na kase eh. But i was still sexy and fond of wearing shorts even when going to school lol.
Did you have a baby shower?
No. Di pa ako aware sa mga yan.. Besides sa povince di naman uso yan lols.
Was it a surprise or did you know?
Yes, coz it was not planned. But no regrets of course! She’s an angel!
Did you have any complications during your pregnancy?
Where did you give birth?
How many hours were you in labor?
24 hrs!!! Imagineeeeee?!
Who drove you to the hospital?
My boyfriend, my father and my brother. The bodyguards lol
Who watched you give birth?
My father. He gave me strength. My boyfriend was so afraid that time coz the baby won’t come out. Malaki kaya ang baby! It took quite sometime bago siya nailuwa.
Was it natural or C-section?
Normal, but after delivering her I was unconscious.
Did you take medicine to ease the pain?
Hmmm, nope. Kaya sabi ng mga nurses ang ingay ko daw.
How much did your child weigh?
8.2 lbs. weeeeee!
When was your child actually born?
November 22, 1996
What did you name him/her?


How old is your first born today?

Mga mommies, go and grab na itong survey! 😀


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. goku4ever
    Oct 09, 2007 @ 22:32:00

    my i talking with you…

    what u want to talking with me?


  2. chuvaness
    Oct 10, 2007 @ 07:44:35

    can I talking to here too? please…



  3. kAiTh
    Oct 10, 2007 @ 18:40:02

    aba, this is interesting. 🙂 pa-swipe man ann ha. in fairview gali, wala ko nag expect na mommy-ness ka na. looking dalaga man gyapon. hihi.

    Kaithyyyyyyy, sissy miss youuu! hehe ambot ah siguro gamayon lang ko amo na nga abi mo wala gatigulang. kag pirmi lang ko bi gakadlaw at lango lango hehe not much pero i like to smile or laugh.. 😀


  4. katherine
    Oct 10, 2007 @ 21:29:54

    kabday nga hubby ko….nov.22…proud mommy ahhhh

    Really? so siguro magkaugali kaya sila? Sis ano ugali na gusto mo sa kanya? hmm curious lang lols..


  5. kengkay
    Oct 11, 2007 @ 18:41:28

    gawin ko rin to 😀

    Aww Sige 😀


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