Ganglia left a scar on my wrist


Weekend dito, no work.. I woke up at 3 pm, and did nothing but just lie down on my bed until 5 pm. I feel like I just want to reward myself with REST as in walang gagawin, hehehe… Wala nga akong ginawa, i did not cook, i did not bathe, no toothbrush, no cleaning, no laundry and ironing, no chatting with friends over the phone, never called anyone, no fafah today. Pero di ako nakatiis, naligo ako like around 8pm. Habang naliligo, napansin ko ang scar sa aking right wrist, it turned violet and for no reason i felt pain from the scar til the tip of my forefinger. Kala ko mawawala lang pero hanggang ngayon masakit pa rin and di ko magalaw ang forfinger ko. Strange, wala naman akong binuhat or ginawa. buong araw.


dsc01480.jpgThis scar was due to the surgery last June 2006 because of the so-called ganglia na tumubo sa right wrist ko. Sometimes it is painful but mostly di naman. Masakit especially napagod yung kamay or may binuhat na mabigat. I felt this lump like 3 years ago and it becomes bigger but very slow and growth niya. Sabi ng doktor wala naman ikabahala because when it is removed it’s just goodbye na. I dunno but parang nabubuo ulit siya.


  • What are ganglia?

Ganglia are swellings that occur around joints, the most common sites being the wrist and ankle.


  • What causes ganglia and who is at risk?

The origin of ganglia is uncertain but they are probably caused by a breakdown of synovial tissue. This is the specialised tissue that lines most joints. It is smooth and produces a fluid (synovial fluid) that lubricates the joint, allowing it to move freely. This synovial tissue also lines the sheaths that surround tendons. Tendons are the tough, fibrous structures that connect muscles to bone. It is the breakdown of the synovial tissue of tendon sheaths that gives rise to most ganglia. This often occurs on its own but may be triggered by an injury.


  • What are the common symptoms and complications of ganglia?

Ganglia are among the most common lumps to arise on the body. They occur most commonly around the wrist but also along the fingers, around the ankle and on top of the foot. They are usually round in shape and vary in size from minute pin-head lumps affecting the fingers to pea-sized or larger lumps affecting the wrist or ankle. They are firm and rubbery in texture and may move freely under the skin. They are usually painless but the tiny ganglia that affect the fingers may be very tender. They are filled with a jelly-like fluid and can slowly increase in size, but they only rarely become very large. As ganglia are completely harmless, the most common cause for concern is how they look.


  • What is the treatment for ganglia?

Ganglia may disappear spontaneously. As they are usually painless and completely harmless, most people once reassured will not require any specific treatment. If their cosmetic appearance is cause for concern or the ganglia are painful, they may be removed surgically in a simple operation.
Surgery is the only effective treatment for ganglia. Traditionally, ganglia were burst by hitting them with a heavy object, usually the family bible. Today, if they do not resolve spontaneously they can be removed surgically.


  • What is the outcome of having a ganglion?

Ganglia often resolve on their own and so if not painful you may be best advised to wait and see. If you decide to go ahead with surgery, you should be aware that the ganglion may recur at the same site in the future, despite adequate removal.



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jojie
    Aug 25, 2007 @ 00:42:21

    awww… hope you get well soon.

    napatingin naman ako sa mga joints ko. 😀

    sis jojie, good morning po. tenks. labyu lols 😀


  2. MARU
    Aug 25, 2007 @ 02:58:26

    nakow pangga, panu yan? eh left hand mo na lang pala kuwan si fafah. hihihi!

    tsk tsk tsk flawless na flawless ang skin mo tapos biglang sulpot naman si ganglia. ang bisaya ba ng ganglia eh “kagid”? hahahaha! 😆

    uu ga, nung naoperahan ako 15 days akong naka leave. hihihi. natutuwa ako kay fafah kase pinapaliguan ako feeling ko naman inutil ako niyahaha! pero dun ka na lang nakita ang kanyang support all the way lol. “sana”.


  3. A Z R A E L
    Aug 25, 2007 @ 19:45:12

    ahahay! nakita ko na naman ang maputi mong mga kamay!



  4. brath
    Aug 25, 2007 @ 20:59:57

    hay pasaway naman yang kagid mo este ganglia pala sinira ang flawless mong skin,, di bale mawawala din yan,,, i enjoy mo na lang ang pagpaligo sayo ng fafah mo sistah hehehehe


    Shempre, nakaka ano nga eh habang pinapaliguan ako, kaso lang nangingibabaw ang sakit sa aking kamay dahil sa operasyon kaya rest muna niyahaha! 😆


  5. Jon Cabron
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 10:48:34

    ang sakit ay matitiis, ang kati ay hindi’
    .. lols!

    nyek! hamishu kuya lols. honga true yan ahihihi..


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