Lip Awakening









Do the groundwork Keep your lips in good shape by brushing them in a circular motion with a spare toothbrush to remove any dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. Then apply a good lip balm.
Choose the right one for you The right red should bring your hair, skin and eyes to life. The wrong one can make you look deathly. Generally speaking, blondes or those with pale skin should go for orangey reds, as anything blue-based may end up looking too pink. Brunettes or those with darker skin should stick to blue-toned shades, as red can look orange on them.
Don’t overdo it The trick is to wear red lips with minimal eye make-up (the least you’re comfortable with), as that is what can make it look gaudy.
Stop the bleeding Lip liner can look wrong unless you keep it as close as possible to the shade of your lipstick. Instead, before applying lipstick, smudge under-eye concealer around your lips to hold it in place.
Make it last If durability is your priority, go for highly pigmented (ie, intensely coloured) formulas, as they last longer. Apply one layer straight from the barrel, blot with a tissue, then apply another. With a strong pigment, you should need to reapply only twice during the day.
Rouge up your cheeks To make your face come alive, apply a touch of lipstick to the apples of your cheeks and blend.
Clean your teeth Prone to getting lippie on your teeth? A good tip to prevent the problem is to apply your colour, then pucker up as if you’re about to kiss someone, put your finger in your mouth and pull it out to remove any excess that could end up on teeth. If yellowing teeth are a concern, opt for bluer tones.


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